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Looking for Google ads or Facebook ads? Our PPC Advertising Agency is here to boost your business growth. We make sure your ideal customers find you.

We're proud to be an active partner in your business's growth, with experts in every PPC channel, including Google Search, Google Shopping, and Paid Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more.

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Want your business to be seen with Paid Search or Paid Social? We use PPC marketing to make sure the right people notice your business.

Here at Persian Agency, we’re all about helping your business grow. We know all about PPC channels like Google Search, Google Shopping, and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and others.

As experts in PPC management for small businesses, our main goal is to offer the best value for your money with our services. We create profitable and impactful campaigns from scratch and constantly look for ways to fine-tune your campaigns for the greatest possible returns.

Our team in Australia focuses on every part of getting more customers. We match what we know about your potential customers with the right kind of ads to improve results. With our help, you can reach more people, even those who haven’t heard about you yet, and remind others about what you’re selling.

How Does PPC Work?

PPC advertising quickly draws new customers by paying platforms like Google and Facebook to display your ads. On Google, ads appear for chosen keywords; on Facebook, you target specific audiences. Costs rise with competition for keywords on Google, affecting the price of clicks or impressions. This method targets users searching for your services or engaging with social media.

Why Invest in Paid Ads?

Spending money on marketing and ads is necessary for good results. Paid ads are the fastest route to reach the people you want to sell to. If you're in a hurry for sales, paid ads are your best bet. Going the organic route takes more time. If your product or service is in high demand, paid ads can really boost your business. They're like adding fuel to a fire, helping you sell more and grow faster.

Why Should You Run Ads on Facebook or Google?

This depends on your industry and your service or product. If people are already looking for it on Google, then it makes sense to advertise there. Want to spread the word about your business to more people? Facebook is great for reaching a wider audience. We recommend using both Google and Facebook for advertising. This way, you catch those who are already looking for you and those who don’t yet know they need your service. Plus, advertising on both platforms means potential customers see your brand more than once. People usually need to see an ad several times before deciding to buy or get in touch.

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We understand there are many ppc agencies in Australia you could pick. Here’s why our clients prefer us;


Proactive and Dedicated

We lead with initiative and dedication, keeping you informed and involved at every turn.



Personalised Support

Our specialist account managers become champions of your vision and goals.


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With an in-house creative team, every piece of content is a masterpiece designed to captivate.


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We understand that waiting can be frustrating, so we make sure to answer all questions within one business day.


Transparency and Collaboration

Say goodbye to mystery; we pride ourselves on openness and collaboration.


Committed to Your Success

Your triumph is our triumph. We’re relentless in our pursuit of opportunities that elevate your brand